Assistant-Support Services

Assistant-Support Services
Malabar Gold & Diamonds
Functional Responsibilities

Ensure that the inside and outside premises of the stores are clean and maintained.
Ensure that every customer is given refreshment and execute customer experience guidelines in the store.
Assist customers & employees by providing adequate services to upscale satisfaction levels.
Ensure optimum stock of refreshment materials is maintained at all times in the store and facilitate timely ordering of the same.
Responsible for keeping office supplies in stock and distributing as and when required.
Responsible for the upkeep of pantry area in the store and maintaining the stack of equipment, cups, and other orders received in a proper manner.
Carry out office purchases as per the instructions of management and is responsible to get signatories and managing courier services in the store.
Responsible to notify managers regarding necessary repairs/maintenance in the store.
Support in completing day-to-day operations of Managers and assist in other sections as per the instructions of superiors.
Internal process
Adhere to the standard operating procedures in the store.
People development
Continuously strive for self-development by actively seeking opportunities for growth.
Ensure adherence to timelines for completion of performance appraisal for self.
Retail Sales
Below 45
1 to 2 Years
As per industry standards (INR)