Junior Executive-Sales & Services

Junior Executive-Sales & Services
Malabar Gold & Diamonds
Sales and Customer:
• Responsible to achieve the individual sales target and execute the company’s strategies to enhance the store’s profit.
• Greet and receive customers in a welcoming manner, engage with them to understand their requirements.
• Direct customers by escorting them to counters, introducing various products, and influencing customers’ buying decisions.
• Drive sales through the engagement of customers through suggestive selling by building their confidence.
• Conduct remote selling activities (sales through video calls, etc.) as and when requested by superiors in order to maximise customer reach.
• Perform priority selling in case of aged stock in order to minimize the same by keeping customer satisfaction intact.
• Perform cross selling/cross promotion to HNI Customers by introducing them to all product categories of Malabar Gold & Diamonds.
• Understand & handle queries and complaints of the customer and address them with the right solution.
• Provide excellent customer service, educate customers on benefits – Malabar Promises and product details (e.g., product name, features, making charge, stone charge, etc.) to ensure customer delight in each sale.
• Pack products in front of the CCTV camera for orders received through online channels in order to maintain security protocol.
• Receive customer returns after purchase and Old Gold by cross checking the terms and conditions and performing the necessary quality checks.
• Gather feedback from customers or prospects and share it with the Manager for business improvement.
• Ensure the accurate entry of customer details (e.g., name, address, date of birth, etc.,) after purchase to keep an accurate database of the customers.
• Check for accuracy of the product details, weight, invoice after the sale in order to provide the customer with the right product and its details.

• Inform the customers on special offers and take steps to enroll maximum customers in various schemes.
• Support customers in the scheme opening process and help with customer purchase against scheme balance
• Create Advance customer profiles in the system and facilitate the enhancement of advances by the customers.

Customer Order Management:
• Coordinate the order placement of customer orders to respective SCM/MBMG via OMS software in order to ensure on time delivery.

• Count & tally the stock on a daily basis and record the opening stock and closing stock in the section allotted.
• Transfer the stock to the locker daily and ensure that ornaments are handled with care.
• Report the sold stock to the section head for maintaining inventory; ensure timely stock replenishment.

Work area & Display:
• Execute all visual merchandising guidelines with respect to display and presentation of products within the store and maintain the quality and freshness of the same
• Ensure safety of jewellery displayed to customers and communicate any abnormal incident promptly to the superiors.

Marketing :
• Generate customer leads and increase customer footfall.
• Call & invite customers and leads to visit the Store especially during product exhibitions, promotional events/campaigns, etc.
• Support the in-store team in event management and product exhibitions in order to engage the target audience and proper delivery of the messaging of the event.
• Build awareness of the products and services provided by the competitors, update product knowledge, and inform superiors about the latest trends in the market.
• Assist in BTL marketing.

Internal process:
• Adhere to the company grooming standards and exhibit professionalism in appearance, behaviour, and in interactions with customers and team members.
• Ensure adherence to the standard operating procedures and cost-effective practices undertaken in the store.
• Prepare reports of sales data and submit them to Senior Management as and when required.

People development:
• Acquire knowledge in all sections of the store such as billing, cash, OMS, packing, etc.
• Continuously strive for self-development by actively seeking opportunities for growth.
• Ensure adherence to timelines for completion of the performance appraisal for self.
• Take overall responsibility for identification of training needs and completion of mandatory training programs/certifications for self.

Retail Sales
2 to 3 Years
15,000/- to 18,000/- (INR)