Sub Category Head - Sub Brands

Sub Category Head - Sub Brands
Malabar Gold & Diamonds
Job Role :

Lead and manage Sub Brand categories of Malabar Gold & Diamonds in line with the Merchandising
strategy to support the business in achieving its growth and profitability objectives.

- Involve in product development, product demand forecasting and product management
recommendations for the Sub Brands.
- Provide inputs regarding NPI (New product introduction) in Sub Brands.
- Maintain the product catalogue and design bank for collections in Sub Brands .
- Ensure new and improved products are in line with the latest trends and customer preferences.
- Recommend product and brand categorization criteria for uniformity in each Sub Brand.
- Plan product meets to identify new vendors by gathering feedback from Heads.
- Review and get approval for selected designs of new products from vendors.
- Review and get approval of the planogram and assortment mix for each Sub Brand catagory.
- Oversee the management of rotation of aged/dead stock to maximize inventory turn.
- Guide, review and get sign off on the carrying cost of stocks.
- Recommend criteria for stock redistribution guidelines based on catchment preferences.
- Provide inputs regarding the guidelines for vendor returns to finalize vendor contracts.

Required Skills :

- Identification of Optimal Vendors
- Conduct Demographic Research
- Forecasting and Negotiating
Retail Sales
35 & above
12 to 14 Years
As per industry standards