General Manager - CRM

General Manager - CRM
Malabar Head Quarters
Job Role :

To manage and monitor Customer services, Customer Experience, and Customer engagement defined by Malabar Gold & Diamonds and encompass strategy, CRM operations, collaboration & sensing, and responding to opportunities in MGD’s markets.

- Define overall CRM strategy and drive funnel conversion and retention strategy of the brand.
- Understand the data points for insights by using relevant tools.
- Manage and control the CRM budget, and ensure the ROI and profitability of CRM operations.
- Manage CRM performance and analyze customer satisfaction, retention & loyalty after CRM strategy implementation.
- Follow up on customer feedback and ensure to close the loop on the basis of customer insights and CRM reports generated.
- Track customer experience parameters including NPS, mystery shopping, and other metrics.
- Lead the overall customer-retention-led data analytics to deduce customer journeys.
- Execute marketing automation campaigns to drive key actions of customers and drive customer repeats, lifetime value, ROI.
Above 30
7 Year and above
As per industry standards (INR)