Assistant Sales Manager

Assistant Sales Manager
INTL_Malabar Gold & Diamonds
Sales & Customer Service
• Assist & Manage daily showroom operation and ensure achievement of all productivity and sales target and recommend solutions to enhance store’s profit.
• Assist in developing strategies to achieve personal sales targets and motivate associates to optimize sales performance.
• Allocate SET/JSE/SE for each customer entering to the showroom and ensure that each customer being attended professionally and by the right salesman/team member.
• Ensure that the Salesman SET/JSE/SE is capable of understanding the customer choice. If feels that the particular salesman is not capable to perform as per the customer requirements, replace the sales man with another.
Team & Showroom Operations Management
• Train and guide sales staff to focus on store’s sales strategies as per company standards
• Ensure that salesman of each section is taking care of counter display, if not, inform them to keep it maintained.
• Ensure that there are adequate equipment’s, supplies in the sales counters and all are working properly e.g. Weighing machines, calculators, estimates, other tools etc. If required, purchase them after getting approval from the Branch Head.
• Ensure that there is sufficient staff present on the sales counter always & maintained weekly roaster.
• Observes staff movements and leaves taken. Ensure that all staff members are coming on time and they are taking only reasonable break time.
• Ensure that staff are not miss-handling or miss-utilising company materials

• Ensure that all staff following the company code of conduct & wearing uniform.
• Maintain effective communication throughout store and communicate customer experiences and feed backs to brand team to re-align company strategies accordingly.
• Manage all communication with existing client to maintain long term relationship through various modes such as telephone and e-mail.
Customer Conflicts and Relationship Management
• Consecutively handle all customer complaints at store in the absence of your superior.
• If customers leaving the showroom without purchasing find out the reason it is due to product choice/ poor attention or any and do the necessary before the customer step out.
• If the customer is not satisfied with the collection shown to them, check if it is available in purchase or other sections and arrange to show them to the customers.
• If any customer comes to take the items they ordered or for repairs, give instructions to the person in charge of concerned sections
• Maintain good professional relationships with customers in store premises and design retention strategies with regular customers.
• Ensure that staff is behaving decently with customers and following the norms set by the management. If not, give instructions to them to rectify that and bring to the attention of the concerned section sales executive.
• Branch Head’s presence is essential to deal with some customers, in such situations inform the Branch Head immediately.

Product & Counter Display Management

• Analyze and ensure effective implementation of all brand guidelines regarding store layout, visual merchandising, stock and fixture positioning to maximize customer satisfaction.
• Must have depth knowledge in Gold (18, 21, 22 &24 carat), Diamonds and platinum, precious and semi-precious stones available in the market.
• Must have knowledge of new items available in the market, making charges, stone charges etc.
• Keep an eye about competitor advertisements & offers and discuss it with the superiors
• Assist procurement director in deciding about the items to be purchased / ordered, about shortage / excess of any designs, about fast moving items etc.
• Remove dead stocks in consultation with Director and sales executives of each section.
• Tallying of stock daily and weighing the stock weekly and reporting to the concerned director
• Ensure that each sales executive is taking care of the items shown from their sections, to avoid any theft or damage of the items. If not, give instructions to them
• Maximize your merchandising efforts by seeing the counter are attractive and eye catching.
• Participate in all product launches, promotions and stock replenishment to maintain appropriate merchandising standards throughout store.

Invoice & Bill Payment Management

• Make sure bills prepared after proper checking & calculation, making charges, stone charges etc.
• Ensure that billing delivery being fast and properly, without making the customer wait.
• Ensure that old gold purchased is tallying
• Keep an eye of stock movements from purchase to sales counters and from counters to purchase & billing counter.
• Ensure that all staff members leave the showroom only after tallying the stock and keeping the stock in the safe
• Should have updated knowledge respective to the land of law.

Product Packing & Compliments Management
• Make sure that product being delivered in proper packing.
• Make sure the complementary gift being distributed to the customer as per the company norms.
• Assist manager in deciding about the complementary gifts and packing items to be purchased/ordered, about shortage/excess of any of customized items etc.
Retail Sales
USA Los Angeles
United States
Plus2 /PUC
3 to 4 Years
As per company standards (USD)