Associate Trainee - Sales & Services

Associate Trainee - Sales & Services
Malabar Gold & Diamonds
*Primary Responsibilities*

Sales and Customer-:

* Greet and receive customers in a welcoming manner and engage with them to understand their requirements.
* Cater to customer requirements as per their need, by showcasing products to make the sale by influencing customer’s buying decision.
* Learn & understand the sales procedures and acquire product knowledge.
* Be punctual in the work, strictly follow the code of conduct of the company and get familiar with personnel duties.
* Observe sales representatives and emulate their sales management processes to meet set targets.
* To proactively assist the Sales executives and other managers to obtain real and sustained, continuous improvement.
* Assist the customer when there is a sales return or repair work.
* Calculate & prepare the estimate of the products selected upon making the sale.
* To achieve the category wise sales target for the allocated section and suggest solutions to enhance store’s profit.
* Learn billing procedures.
* Learn about products and business policies of Malabar Gold and Diamonds.
* Take initiative to learn about the products and services provided by the competitors, latest trends in the market and update product knowledge.


* Assist in counting and tallying of stock on a daily basis and record the opening stock and closing stock in the section allotted.
* Transfer the stock to the locker daily and ensure that ornaments are handled with care.
Work area & Display
* Support all Visual merchandising activities in the Store with respect to display and presentation of products at the appropriate counter by maintaining the quality and freshness of the same.

Marketing -:

* Learn marketing techniques from sales and marketing staffs.
* Support the in-store team in event management and product exhibitions in order to engage the target audience and proper delivery of the messaging of the event.
* Assist in BTL marketing.

*Functional Responsibilities*

* Ensure on the job training in various sections like packing, purchase, cash, Order Repair, sub brands, diamond, silver, scheme, marketing, customer relation etc.
* To demonstrate high levels of integrity and honesty at all times, establishing a culture of both personal and organizational trust.
* Understand the queries and complaints from the customer and escalate to the Superiors.

Internal process-:

* Adhere to the standard operating procedures in the store.
People development
* Continuously strive for self-development by actively seeking opportunities for growth
* Ensure adherence to timelines for completion of performance appraisal for self.
* Take overall responsibility for identification of training needs and completion of mandatory training programs/certifications for self.
* Adhere to the staff grooming standards followed and participate in on-site product and sales training activities, as per the guidelines from HR.
* Any other additional responsibility could be assigned to the role incumbent from time to time as a standalone project or regular work. The same would be suitably represented in the Primary responsibilities and agreed between the incumbent, reporting manager and HR.
Retail Sales
As per industry standards (INR)