Executive - Software Testing

Executive - Software Testing
Malabar Head Quarters
Functional Responsibilities

- Respond to user inquiries and troubleshoot application functionality, usage, and configuration issues through various channels (phone, email, ticketing system, etc.).
- Gather information from users to understand and document the problem, including error messages, steps to reduce it, and system specifications.
- Responsible for identifying and resolving common application-related problems using knowledge bases, documentation, and available resources, as well as escalating more complex issues to higher levels of support.
- Adhere to service-level agreements (SLAs) to ensure prompt response times and efficient problem resolution, and keep users updated on the progress and status of their reported issues.
- Maintain accurate and detailed records of all support interactions, including issue descriptions, actions taken, and resolutions provided. Update ticketing systems or knowledge bases with relevant information.
- Responsible for liaising with L2 or L3 support teams, developers, or system administrators to escalate and resolve issues requiring their expertise, as well as providing detailed and clear information for an effective handover.
- Analyse reported issues for common patterns, recurring issues, or potential areas for improvement, and Contribute articles or documentation to knowledge bases or documentation to improve self-service support resources.
- Stay up-to-date with application updates, new features, and relevant technologies, as well as engage in continuous learning and contribute to knowledge sharing within the support team.

Internal process
- Ensure that all activities are carried out as per the Standard Operating Procedures in the section.
- Review and provide reports to management as and when required.
Operations( All Others)
Below 30
2 to 3 Years
As per industry standard (INR)